Romu Keinänen is a strongly local scrap business with service

Romu Keinänen Oy is a family owned company specialized in metal recycling.

We have about 58 permanent employees and our net sales were about 59,4 million euros in the year 2021.

We recycle, take in and process recyclable metal scrap from industry, demolitions and municipalities.

We resell sorted and recycled raw material for export or domestic industry.

Our customers include companies as well as private individuals, and the size of the reused products range from sardine cans to power plants.

We want to be involved in developing the recycling of secondary raw materials, and in promoting the circular economy in our area.

Taking responsibility for the environment also means practical actions, continuous self-monitoring and collaboration with environmental authorities and local residents.

We operate in three metal scrap recycling plants which have obtained environmental permits and are located in Espoo, Vantaa and Karjaa.

We are a member of the Scrapdealers Association.