Decommissioning of SF6 gas switchgear and recycling of SF6 gas

SF6 gas

SF6 gas, or sulfur hexafluoride, is a powerful greenhouse gas. SF6 gas is commonly used in the electrical industry for electrical insulation and cooling. SF6 gas can be found for example in switchgears and circuit breakers of power transmissions and distribution network facilities.

Gas switchgear draining and SF6 gas recycling

At the end of the life cycle of the gas switchgear, proper recycling must be done carefully to prevent the gas from entering the atmosphere due to improper handling. Drainage must comply with current standards and comply with applicable regulations. The decommissioning of SF6-containing switchgear and the recycling of SF6-gas are subject to licensing. Drainage is to be done using certified and trained specialists. A specially constructed machine is used for emptying.

Decommissioning service includes

  • Draining of the gas switchgear
  • Gas discharge report and a personalized scrapping certificate for the switchgear
  • Recycling of the SF6 gas

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