Scrapping a vehicle

Fill the form to order a scrapping for the vehicle

Scrapping a vehicle

When your car has reached the end of its life in terms of safety, driving characterstics and operating costs, the right address is the free car car recycling of Romu Keinänen Oy. The free pick-up area is about 30 km from our offices. For longer pickups, please contact us.

Please note, that the free pick-up is only for whole vehicles, not for the frames. If you have any guestions, do not hesitate to call us.

We have 3 reception points where we take in vehicles. At each of our reception points you can make a scrapping deregistration and request a free vehicle pick-up if necessary.

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How do I scrap my car?

The easiest way is to either come in to one of our reception points or use the adjacent form. When you come to our reception point, you need to bring your personal ID and a number that identifies the vehicle (license plate number, chassis number, registration certificate, etc.).

You will need to provide authentication with bank identifier codes to make a scrapping order (deregistration and vehicle pick-up) using the adjacent form; this allows us to verify you have the right to scrap the vehicle. Filling in the adjacent form is quick and easy.

If you are placing a scrapping order on behalf of someone else, you can visit our office with a power of attorney from the owner of the vehicle.
You can load the power of attorney from here.

How do I prepare for a vehicle pick-up?
Pick-up of a vehicle is easiest when you have provided all of the information requested and checked that they are accurate. Make sure that the car to be picked up is easily accessible from an operating road and there is enough space around it. If the car is located along a busy street or road, in a shed, parking garage or some other difficult place, the customer must ALWAYS contact Romu Keinänen and make sure the car can be picked up. Romu Keinänen has the right to cancel an order if the car cannot be picked up and loaded easily.

Cars are usually picked up with a grapple car that is approximately the size of a garbage truck. Please make sure there is enough space around the car that is to be picked up to allow the grapple car to get very close to it. The car to be picked up must not be located under electric wires or other obstacles.

When will my car be picked up?
Romu Keinänen picks up cars within three (3) days of a confirmed order. If this is not possible, Romu Keinänen will notify the customer of the new pickup date and explain the reason for the change in schedule.


When you bring a car to us, recycling will happen in accordance with regulations:

If the vehicle is not under Finnish license plates

  • bring the vehicle to us or come to our reception point to agree on a pick-up. When you come to our reception point you need to have a personal identification with you and registration papers of the foreign car
  • after you receive a certificate of destruction you must send the certificate, along with the license plates of the vehicle, to the vehicle registration authority of the country in question
  • you must request a final deregistration of the vehicle from the registry of the country in question

Our pick-up areas in the map below