Pick-up and roll-off services

Get rid of scrap quickly
– flexible and efficient pick up of scrap metal

We pick up scrap metal in the Uusimaa region quickly by using good equipment. Our transport equipment includes vehicles from vans to large articulated trucks. Some of our vehicles are equipped with a grabbing bucket, ensuring efficient collection of scrap and end-of-life vehicles. We also have our own platform.  Our expert personnel works in a friendly and efficient manner.

Our customers have been extremely happy with our service. According to customer feedback, our service is even better than promised.

Order quick and efficient pick-up of scrap metal

  • Emptying of production facilities
  • Purchase of ending inventory
  • Pick-up of agricultural scrap
  • Pick-up of end-of-life vehicles

We will come and take care of the job. We provide a certificate for disposal as a guarantee of completed work on request.

Roll-offs for scrap collection

Keinänen owns several neat and discreet roll-off containers of many sizes for collecting and recycling metal scrap.

We supply containers for occasional needs and make both ongoing and fixed-term metal recycling contracts on a turnkey basis. If necessary, we can tie the price of scrap to the global market price.



Three simple steps to scrapping your vehicle:

1. Come in to one of Romu Keinänen’s take-back points. Remember to bring your ID and the vehicle’s identification information (registration number or chassis number).

2. We will deregister the vehicle and, if necessary, agree on the collection of the vehicle. You can also bring your vehicle in yourself.

3. If you are the owner of the vehicle, you can authorise the scrapping and request a vehicle pick-up by clicking on the link https://romukeinanen.fi/auton-romutus/

We pick up end-of-life vehicles free of charge from surrounding areas in the Uusimaa region

For more information, call +358 20 1443 685. We are happy to help you!